Imma tell you a secret.

Falles Paredes is where it's at.
Here are my (and my sister(a.k.a. the lovely model below)'s) treasures from this place I dubbed the Mexican Ross.
The top of this is actually tanktoplike and all lacy and cute.
Notice the shortness.
We plan on taking the top portion of the dress off and making the bottom portion a skirt.
And super cute.
Don't you love the yellow roses on the black?
We got 2 of these shirts because I have an idea in mind of how to up the cuteness.
Stay tuned for that one.
I ♥ pink
This shirt is actually a brand from Target.
Love it.
Secretly, Kelcie is holding a bunch of extra dress behind her back because, secretly, this dress is a XXL.
And unsecretly, I am no XXL.
Lucky for us, this dress is super easy to take in.
We plan on doing just that.
I swear this dress did not look as cute on me as it does her.
I semi don't like her for it.
P.S. This number was actually $1.00, not $3.00.
Belt not included.
Nothing like a cool t-shirt, right?
FP's gots lots.
Yet again, another shirt from Target.
Same everything as the pink one above but the fabric.
Love this one more actually.
Just another cute, comfy shirt.

Yeah, we kinda hit the jackpot.
FYI you can too.
Mesa Dr. & Brown.
Get there.


  1. Oh my heck you've updated your blog.

  2. My family and I were talking about that place the other day! I couldn't remember what it was called, I just knew it was by Rosas. I bought a Hershey's Kiss shirt there once. I like your purchases!

  3. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Looks like you found some serious deals and had fun with your sis too!

    Miss you!

  4. i LOVE fallas paredes!! oh my goodness. so amazing!


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