awkward and awesome thursday

That nice spider who was bravely attempting to land its’ pretty little self on my shoulder while I was applying mascara. I do not think so buddy! Excuse me while I run out of the bathroom and get my BFF Celeste to smash your booty straight up.

Walking into a bathroom, seeing that all stalls are being used except one. Seize opportunity. Awkwardly do my thing in dead silence. Hello?! There are four other people in this bathroom! There should be more noise than me folks!

The caravan of college boys that kept catching up with us on the way to Utah. Taken.

Pretending we are British, talking with fake accents, using British vocab, the uge*, and then someone I haven’t seen in YEARS run up to me (remember, we’re in Disneyland folks), screaming my name. How do you have a conversation with this individual with your fake British accent? A. They know full well you are not the Brit you claim to be. B. There’s a good chance said accent will be commented on, thereby giving away your true identity to all standerbys who have obviously been eavesdropping because they caught an earful of accent and suddenly thought we were the coolest things ever. Cover blown.

Avoiding the 90 line for Hollywood Tower of Terror (aka my favorite ride) thanks to our fast passes. Best idea I had all day.

Disneyland food. Pretty sure I gained ten pounds from the Disneyland diet. Worth every bite.

Walking into my room and finding my bed made. Best. Roommate. Ever.

Thrift stores in St. George. Amazing.

The DI in freaking Vegas. That place is huge. My kind of heaven.

Draw Something. Drawesome.

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  1. I'm over here laughing so hard...your blog cracks me up (in the bestest way)...ahhh you got a new follower for sure!! :)



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