it's monday.

Three reasons why today rocks, even though it's a Monday.

1. The office is closed, which means I didn't have to get up before the sun did [literally], which means I got to  sleep my little self in a good three hours longer. I may regret that tomorrow morning when I'm not so lucky.

2. Our friends who are getting married next month are moving in upstairs. When we first moved into our little apartment after we were married, there was no one above us. That lasted about a month, and then all quiet-ness [and my sanity] went out the window. I had never done the apartment living thing before, and it drove me crazy that I could hear ever step those people took! I finally got used to it and two weeks later, they moved and we were back to being the upstair kind of neighborless. [Insert long story here] Mike and Marinda [who both served their missions with each other and MRudd] were looking for a place to live post marriage time in February, the pieces fell together and now they are going to be our neighbors. We love these two and can't wait to be all neighborly with them, so the sound of footsteps on my ceiling this morning has never been so welcomed.

3. I'm taking a seven week class online [again]. We were supposed to take the first exam last week, but something went wrong and the teacher postponed it to this week. This morning, I got an email from her saying she decided to cancel the exam and give everyone a free 40 points! Peeps, this has NEVER happened before EVER in my college career at blessed ASU. Seriously. And I would have never ever ever expected it from this teacher. Someone will be getting good ratings from yours truly on ratemyprofessor.com. For real.

And that, my friends, is why today is the most awesome Monday ever, all before 10:00am, and me even getting out of bed. That's what's up.

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  1. In college the girls in the apartment above me taped a hopscotch board to the floor...aka my ceiling. That was really fun. haha


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