After Months of Neglect

So pretty much, it's summer and I've been a) busy or b) out of town. As a result, my room turned into this.On Saturday, I finally decided that this was completely unacceptable, especially since I'm pretty good at keeping my half of the room clean. I locked myself in my room with a dirty clothes hamper and two trash bags, not sure where to start. Four hours later...
I'm not a believer of making beds. Maybe when I'm older. While I was cleaning, I realized how small and storage-lacking my room is. I threw a lot of stuff out, thinking it would give me more room. Wrong.
I don't spend much time in my room, but now at least I don't have to dread going in there for fear of stepping on something or guilt for not giving it the attention it was in desperate need of.
Yay for cleaning!!

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  1. Check you out!?! Great job! Doesn't it feel great to have that accomplished? That is my plan for my own bedroom once I get back from my 2 week business trip. I've got to get rid of some more clothes....and whatever else may be lurking at the end of the bed :) Give your self a pat on the back...it takes a lot of time and effort to do all you did!


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