College Joys

Today, Katy took me to ASU to find all my classes and walk me through my schedule. Pretty much, it was scary and overwhelming, but deep deep deep down I know I'll be OK. Seriously, I don't feel old enought to be going to college. I felt so little walking around on that huge campus. Since when am I a college student?! I'm not old enough for this!! These were the thoughts racing through my head for those three hours in the 117 degree heat today. Ah!!!!! In less than a week, I will be thrown out of my sheltered bubble and into a world of immodesty, immorality, homework overload, loco professors, and stuff. I am not ready for this!! Mostly, I am not looking forward to not having a social life. I will be stretched and pulled between school, homework, studying, work (p.s. I got my job back at Milano's!!), and don't forget teaching piano. Hopefully I can find time to breathe. Saying that I will be busy is definitely an understatement. Sigh. Well. Only four years til it's all over. Blessed day. I miss high school.

Thanks Katy for taking time out of your day to take me under your wing and show me the ropes!! You're awesome!!

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  1. Eeee!!! Yay for college! You'll do fine. Seriously. After the first week you'll have it down.

    And you're welcome. :)


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