Dumb Day 2

So today was SUPER overwhelming. English 101 is going to be TONS of work and I am really regretting that I didn't get that over with in high school. My instructor is very blunt and harsh. He seems cool, but he is super strict. My U.S. history class has 379 people (the majority of which are freshmen) in it. My professor for that class has a super cute personality. I admire her for teaching a class that size. I think that will be a fun class. Intro to Art was next. Only 179 people this time. Ha. My professor there is super super nice. She's from London and has an awesome accent. She said herself that this was going to be an easy class. Thank goodness. Basically, English 101 is the only class that stressed me out. However, other factors made my day not so great. Ironically, I am in a really good mood.

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