Road Trip to Gilbert

So. Tonight I drove to Gilbert to get my cousin, Lacey, so she could come hang out with my little sisters and stay the night at our house. On the way out there, we {Kelcie, Brylee, and I} stopped at In 'n' Out and got chocolate milkshakes and french fries. Then we proceeded to la casa de Lacey. On the way home, they {Lacey and Brylee} were CRACKING me up. Here are some of the funny things they said. P.S. Lacey and Brylee are both 9 and are like BFFAEAEAEAE. Aaaannnyyyywhoooo....
Lacey: Oh my gosh! In my class, if we get a 90 or above on our times test, we get to eat lunch in the classroom and have an ice cream party all by ourself!!
{Party? By yourself? Sounds SO fun....?}

I told them their milkshakes had to be gone by the time we got home.
Lacey: That's OK. Just drive slow.
{Yes ma'am.}
Brylee: {in regards to the french fries} These are fresh potatoes?!
{My car is too low to see the stellar potato cutter thing the In 'n' Out-ers have. Obvi.}

Lacey: Umm something's in my straw. I can't get anything out.
{Nope, Lace, it's just thick.}
Lacey: All I'm getting is whipped cream.
{She was halfway through her shake. And they don't even put whipped cream in those things.}
That's all I can remember. But there was a ton more. Lacey is hilarious. Obvi.
That's all.

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