Things I'm Excited For...

1. To graduate from ASU. Blessed day.
2. Haunted Houses. Like this weekend. Anyone want to come???
3. To be married. But this one, I can wait for.
4. Christmas break. Again, blessed day.
5. Halloween Parties. Family, Elementary school, ward. They will be great.
6. To raise a family. For this one, I can wait longer.
7. Next spring's baseball season. I love going to DBacks games.
8. Tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser. Go home Tracy.
9. To read Busy Bee Lauren's next blog post. Funny, cute, and entertaining. Check it out.
10. Game/Cookie party at Celeste's on Thursday. Love her.
11. The weekend. 'Nuf said.
12. To buy Kelcie's birthday present. Muah-ha-ha-ha.
13. Doe Doe to have her baby girl. I heart itty bitty babies.
14. Go shopping manaƱa. It will be excellent.
15. Work Friday and Saturday. I love the girls I work with.
16. Wear big jackets. I jumped the gun and wore one today. It wasn't too bad until noon when it was bloody hot. Dang Arizona.
17. Chelsey's wedding. Pretty dress, pretty decorations, Christmas time, and Dip 'n Dots. Good one.
18. Dinner tonight. I don't know what we're having. But I'm excited for it. (No pressure Mom).
19. To get my nails done. Perhaps tonight??
20. To hold Baby Riley. What was that about hearting itty bitty babies??
21. Michael Rudd's surprise. He says he has one for me tonight. Gah the suspense is killing me.
22. To go to sleep. What? I relish in a little shut eye.
23. Playing at institute with Celeste on Friday. Fridays are my extrememly-boring-I-want-to-rip-my-eyes-out days and the past couple weeks, she has come and saved me and it has been excellent. Bless her heart.
24. Chocolate milk when I get home. Every day, my friends, every day.
25. Christmas music. Or Chrismas in general. For lots of reasons.
26. An updated iPod. I'm slackin' on the tuneage.
That's all.


  1. Hey guess what: I'm excited to graduate from ASU too. NEXT SEMESTER. Not that I'm rubbing this in at all. Not at all.

  2. Do you seriously like baseball?!? I LOVE baseball! I have never met anyone else who did! I am excited for Thursday and Friday too. Fridays are the highlight of my week!!!

  3. They didn't send Tracy home!!!!!!!!!!! >:[

  4. You should text me and tell me what Michael's surprise was because your suspense and not-knowing has intrigued my curiosity.


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