Meet Jannae.

This is Jannae.

I moved into Jannae's ward when I was 14. Jannae was...12?
Fast forward a couple years and we had become best friends.
I love this girl.
So I asked Jannae some questions, and this is what she said...

Who do you look up to most and why?
I look up to Joshua the most. aw. precious, I know. shut up. anyways....He is A) hilarious B) as dorky as me and C) my best friend. the end.

Soundtrack to your life right now. Name some songs.
That is so easy. Taylor Swift "Speak Now" the songs Last Kiss, Better Than Revenge, Ours, and If This Were a Movie have the best lyrics. I mean, all of T Swift's lyrics are the best, but these are extra dear to my heart :) especially Better Than Revenge...i mean....it's genius.

Give us your best joke.
hahahaha my best joke?? ok I butcher jokes but I do like this one: a little boy runs up to his dad and goes "Daddy, Daddy!!!! There's a gay cockeroach is my room!!!!!"...now the dad was a bit surprised and replies " how do you know it's gay, son?" to which the boy responds " Because it came out of the closet..."

What are you looking forward to most about the holiday season?
I am looking forward to being cold and listening to the Josh Groban Christmas Cd... "Oh Holy Night"....brings tears to my eyes, no joke. OH AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!!!!!! Hello, It's the epitome of a perfect night. twinkly lights, temple, apple cider, and cuddling with boys.... oh wait boys are stupid so scratch that last one.

Favorite place to shop. Spill.
Charlotte Russe. I have an addiction with everything there. The only down side to this is the stupid sales ladies. They spend so much time obsessing over you while you shop and then when it's time to check out they all of sudden have to use the restroom and are no where to be found. It ticks me off.

Which celebrity do you find most dreamy?
I am madly in love with the guy on When In Rome. No, I don't know his name. But do you know who I DO know the name of? Josh Turner. Is he a celebrity? He is in my book. Oh my gorgeous. Plus he has the sexiest voice ever to grace this planet. Who cares that he's married and has kids and is like 12 years years older than me...no big deal. we can work it out. that's how strong our love is. Jealous? you should be.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Olive Garden. Need I say more?

What is the most gutsy thing you've ever done?
ha...gutsy...not my forte. um. I think the gutsiest thing I've ever done is give a talk in front of like a hundred gazillion people. Oh wait, that was 2 weeks ago. I have no life.

Your favorite movie quote is...
"You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means" - princess Bride
" 6 people died of smoking during traffic lights today"- Italian Job
" Sometimes you make me so....ugh you make so ....ANGRY! ahahaha I'm angry!"- Enchanted

Tell us why you rock.
I rock because I do what I want when I want and I don't care about stupid people. Mostly it's because stupid people are stupid. Also I secretly dance in my room while I get ready for school, and I write my friends letters of recommendation.

You see? Jannae is a doll.
Don't you love her?
She is always so positive.
Her wit and her oblivion and her blond moments crack me up.
She is so fun to be around, and is super chill.
Love you, Nae!

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