My name is Kymber and I am a blog stalker.

One of the blogs I faithfully read ever day is that of Nat-uh-lee. I love her humor, her photos, and her honesty. Oftentimes, I am inspired by her faith. This morning was case in point. To quote today's post:

"Regardless of what people think, Heavenly Father has a plan. A perfect plan for every single person. And it will go on whether you believe in it or not. I love that. It comforts me to know that I don't need to worry about what I want, because it will work out in a way that gives me exactly what I need - which is ultimately (and eternally) what I want.

I love that as we live and learn to serve others, we are reciprocated those blessings ten-fold.
I love that trials of our faith simply reap a greater understanding and testimony of the Savior.
I love that the the blessings of the gospel are conditional - merciful yet just."

I love how she says that she doesn't have to worry about what she wants because she has faith enough to know that in the end she will have exactly what she needs. I have never thought about my life, my hopes, my dreams, my desires in that way before. Definitely a light bulb moment that put things into perspective.

I also love the point she makes on trials giving us a greater understanding and testimony of Christ. Reminds me of this post.

I appreciated these small reminders today, and to add my testimony to Natalie's, I know the Lord has a plan for each of us, tailored to meet each individual's needs. Each plan is flawless because He sees the bigger picture and has our best interest at heart. He loves us more than we know and wants us to return to live with Him again. To live with Him, we need to be like Him. Trials help us reach this point. Through trials, we are given the ability and the opportunity to grow, to become more like our Savior, and to feel more and more of His endless love for us. For me, it is during these hard times that the Atonement is most real and most personal. He is very aware of us, of our longings, and of our needs. Most importantly, He loves us, and that is what it all comes down to.

Thank you, Natalie, for helping me start my day with a comforting peace that comes from feeling of the Savior's love for me.

Happy Wednesday :)

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