Obsession of the Week


I share a room with my 15 year old sister. Um hi, that's two teenage girls crammed into one pretty small room. All of our clothes, shoes, and just things made our small room even smaller. You see, before college, I was a neat freak. My side of the room was rarely a mess. Enter college, the stage of life when you no longer have time for anything outside of school. The tidiness of my room ranked last on my priority list and it (my room) got out of hand real quick. Imagine how bad it was after a semester. Yeah, not okay. I was losing my mind because of the chaos that was my room. The week after school was officially over for Christmas, Celeste (bless her heart, love her dearly) and I spent 10 1/2 hours tackling my monster of a room. Yes, I just admitted that. 10 1/2 hours folks. Granted, we did do some assembling, some rearranging, deep cleaning, organizing like mad, and took a lunch break. It wasn't until after we were done that we decided we should have taken before and after pictures. Blast.

Anyway. Here are some of the things I now (or have) used to keep my room a lot less messy and a lot more organized.

A color coordinated closet. I've been using this trick for quite some time. It makes finding something to wear SO much faster and easier.

I have to show you the special skirt hangers. These lovely things were introduced to me by my dear friend, Hannah Gunderson. They...are the best invention ever. Just sayin. You can hang six skirts up with one hanger! And it takes up like no room in your closet! Seriously. 6 skirts on a special skirt hanger = 1 dress on a regular hanger. Best. Invention. Ever.

I used to keep my necklaces in a box until a few years ago when we moved into our new house and my mom bought Kelcie and I this shnazzy little thing. World. Of. Difference. Goodbye tangled and knotted chains!

My bracelets have now resumed the prior home of my necklaces. Tada.

This...is my bookshelf. Secretly, I wanted to post a picture of it so you could see my super cute ridiculously awesome painting that is my most favorite ever. And my birds and birdcage, duh. So my organization strategy (a.k.a. my excuse for this counting as organization) is my little candy bowl right there! I don't touch the thing much; it's mainly just used for bribery :) Muahahaha.

Once upon a time, I went through an earring phase. A couple years later, I went through a ring phase. As a result, I have 1,000 pairs of earrings and 100 rings. Thank heavens for earring holders and jewelry boxes! As you can see, it's getting pretty full all up in there so I was super excited when Mom and Dad Rudd got my a new (and super cute!) jewelry holder for Christmas! Observe.
See? Super cute, huh? I need to get some shelves put up in my room so I can start to fill it!

Ah, the nightstand. I love my nightstand. My perfume tray...is fabulous. My mirror...is fabulous. My birds...are fabulous. Those hope blocks right there are what made me choose "hope" to be my word of the year. Oh yeah, this post is about organization. Helloooooo. Perfume tray. All perfumes and smell good things in one spot. The end.

Behold the shelf part of my nightstand. Little basket for school supplies and things and a piano pen holder. Cute! Milano's baby! Aw yeah.

And these...are my shoes. Kept nicely underneath my bed. Those long Tupperware things that are perfect for under-the-bed storage and can work wonders. Lovely!

Oh wait, I have more shoes! My shoe fetish was (is?...nah) getting a little out of control because I was (am) getting more shoes, with no room to put them! When I found this awesome little shoe rack, I was extremely pleased. AND...it's expandable. It can get to be over twice the size you see there, so I'm good for another year or so :) P.S. Those nude heels right there in front are the Steve Maddens I mentioned in the previous post. We have a love/hate relationship, those shoes and I.
So I have like 50 scarves. I love scarves. I used to have them on hangers in my closet, but they were taking up way to much room. Then last week I had the brilliant idea to get over-the-door hangers and store them that way! Can I just say that I'm a genius? P.S. Lame-o Walmart does not carry over-the-door hangers, and they're not going to magically appear even if you walk up and down the aisles for 30 minutes looking for them. Thank goodness for Target.

Another something I did was take all my movies and put them in a CD/DVD case. It takes up SO much less room. And yes, they are in alphabetical order.

The end. Hooray for organization!


  1. Good work Kymber! My room is looking pretty ridiculous after this semester if you have some free time! Just saying! :)

  2. Man, way to go! If only I still had one person to take care of, this would be a breeze. But now there are two... and soon to be three! Ahhh! Maybe when you get done with Stephanie's room, you can come help me after we move. I know I'm gonna need the help from the one and only organizational genius. and instead of candy... I'll bribe you with CUPCAKES! :) And maybe a day at the temple since it's so close. :)

  3. Way to go Kymber and Celeste!!!! You guys are inspiring, maybe I should start organizing my stuff...

  4. So THAT'S what you guys were doing all day. My room next :)

  5. Haha, Kymber - you remind me so much of myself sometimes. Organizations junkies, we are. Seriously, I'm a littttttttle obsessive about it. Some people may call me OCD, but we can pretend like they don't. :) Haha. This post is the best! I'm in love with all of it. Genius, you are!


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