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Hi, my name is Kymber. I'm the girl who, you know, writes this blog. And by "writes" I mean seldom ever cranks a post out. If you followed me around for even a day, you would understand why. Life as a full-time-employee-full-time-student is a little, shall we say, hectic. That being said, life is good. Life is very very good.

Here are a few of the big things that have happened since I last blogged consistently. Actually, let's just say the last 6 months. Yeah, I feel good about that.

1. I moved out. Yes, yes. Just call me Ms. Independent. I am living in a house in Downtown Mesa with four other girls. Celeste (BFFAEAE), Haley, MacKenna, and Tori. We have a whole lot of fun and not a whole lot of sleep. Seriously, though. I love these girls. We all get along so well together and it is so dang fun. I could tell you stories for hours. Not joking.

2. I am almost done with my junior year at ASU. Let me say that one more time. I am ALMOST DONE with my JUNIOR YEAR at ASU. What?! Pretty sure I was a freshman yesterday. Holy buckets, does time fly or what. I can't believe it. And now with it being 2012 and junk, I can officially say that I graduate...from college...next year. Say what? No matter how many times I think or talk about it, I can't wrap my head around it. Cuh-razzzzzzy.

3. I got a new job! In October, I started working as a legal assistant (I know, I'm big time) at an accident and injury law firm (Tobler & Associates) that my Aunt DoeDoe has worked at for 16 years. I get to dress up all professional and sign my name on professional things and talk all professional. Yeah, it's kind of a big deal. I really enjoy it and the people I work with. Something different every day!

4. I have faithfully continued to feed my shoe addiction. To make matters worse, I discovered a $10 shoe store, thanks to my ladies at Tobler. Holler. We may or may not take frequent trips to said shoe store during lunch. And I may or may not walk away with five brand spankin' new pairs each time I go. I am rather good at controlling when and how often I go to said shoe store, but controlling myself and my spending once I'm there? Oh please. That doesn't happen. At all. In case you're wondering, I wear all the shoes I buy. And they are so dang cute. And I get 500,000 compliments on every pair. Ask me about my shoe store. If you're lucky, I'll divulge it's whereabouts to you. And then you can thank (or curse) me later.

5. I am still working at Linton-MILANO Music. And I probably will work there until the day I die. That store holds a special little place inside my heart. I love what I do. I love the people that come in. I love the people I work with. It is so much fun, and there is always a project.

6. I take lots of road trips. Like, lotssss of road trips. Tucson, California, Sahuarita, Payson, Utah. Whether it's for the week or for the weekend or for the day, whether it's by myself or with some friends, I am so there. I love skipping town. It's nice. Very nice.

7. I discovered and succumbed to Pinterest. And it's probably one of my most favorite things ever. As of right now, I have 27 boards, 1,848 pins, and a whole lot of inspiration and awesomeness. Check it out.

8. I fell in love with a doctor. His name is Dr. Pepper. 'Nuf said.

9. I was gifted a Kindle Fire which I absolutely love. Reading scriptures on that thing is like the greatest thing ever. Awesome.

10. I've adopted the term "RM" into my vocabulary. No, not in a dating sense. But in a friends-who-are-coming-home-from-their-missions sense. It's weird, guys, it's really weird. In my head, these boys are the same boys they were in high school, when in fact they are not. Another thing I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around.

And that, my friends, sums it up I suppose. Back to the business of work and school and being young and wild and free. That's where it's at, baby.

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  1. Kymber, you're the cutest! Glad you're back to blogging! Now.. This shoe store you speak of? Please indulge me :)


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