Things that I Love - February

  1. Perfectly painted nails. Base coat, three coats color, two coats top coat. Stays perfect almost two weeks. Good thing, 'cause this girl right hurrr don't have much time.
  2. My $10 shoe store. It's a love-hate relationship.
  3. Friday lunch dates with Celeste. They get me through the week. We're working on making the "Where are we eating?" question quicker.
  4. Glitter. Glitter. Glitter. Glitter. Sucker for the sparkle.
  5. My ward. Woot woot University Fifth.
  6. Pinterest. This makes the extended of periods of times I'm on hold (we're talking phones here) at work a lot more bearable. Pinterest = distraction from terrible hold music.
  7. Young the Giant. Look. Them. Up. Suggestions: Cough Syrup, My Body, Apartment. Life's too short to even care at all.
  8. Forever 21's $1.50 jewelry rack. Necklaces, rings, earrings. Careful, it adds up quick. Coughspeakingfromexperiencecough.
  9. Road trips. Three in one month. That's what's up.
  10. Fuzzy slippers. These come in mighty good handy when your casa has all wood floors.
  11. Ratting my hair. I look in the mirror and am like. "BAM!"
  12. Letters in the mail. Save my day sometimes. Save my day lots of times.
  13. Working out with Celeste. The thing I love most about this is the hilariousness. Can't wait to watch those episodes in my movie in heaven.
  14. The way my DVDs are in alphabetical order. 'Cause I'm OCD like that. Yes, they're all perfectly straightened, too.
  15. Heels and wedges. Classy.
  16. Flossing my teeth. My dentist would be so proud.
  17. Dance Dance. Aka Just Dance.
  18. My $6 sunglasses from Rue 21. Seeing the world through a sepia lens.
  19. Skinny black jeans. Can't tell they're jeans, meaning I can wear them to the office. Totally have 'em fooled.
  20. The employees at Freddy's frozen custard. So so so nice. As long as you keep the complimentary custard coming, I'm here.

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