awkward and awesome thursday

One of the blogs I religiously read, the Daybook, does this post every Thursday. Basically it's just a list of awkward and awesome findings or things that happen during the week. It's pretty fun, so I just might join in  every once in a while. Shall we?

When my cell phone goes off twice in one school day. Let's not talk about how it was in the same class. Let's also not talk about how I yelled, "Shut up!" to said phone in the middle of the dang lecture without even thinking after the dumb started ringing the second time. Face palm.

Walking down the hall at the office on my way to the ladies room, passing an attorney, noticing the weird look on his face as he looks at me and passes by, getting to the restroom, looking in the mirror, seeing red something-or-other-who-even-knows-what smeared all over my cheek. Still don't know what the heck it was. Cool.

Not being able to get into my car after I've unlocked it several times and practically yanked the door handle off. Finally noticing there's a baby car seat and a bunch of baby toys in the back seat. Wondering to myself who in their right mind would break into my car, not steal anything, and leave this junk. Realizing this is not my car. Realizing I have an audience of about ten smoke breakers. Realizing my real car is parked right next to my fake one and it's literally the EXACT same. Ten points.

My class schedule next semester. Hello senior year of easy breezy. Where have you been all my life?

A countdown that goes a little something like 2_ instead of 3_, 4_, 5_, etc., etc.

Finally starting cooking lessons. Nevermind that it's almost two years late. Nevermind that it was just a casserole. That was dang good if I might add...Just call me Chef Kymber. Mhmm.

We the Kings. 'Nuf said.

Learning how to longboard. I'm hipster. Nbd.

Leaving for spring break in approximately 10 hours. Ten days filled with good hard F-U-N. Tune in to facebook for updates and surprises. I love being young.

Purchasing a pie from Walmart at 11:50pm so as not to miss out on Pi Day. And then eating said pie in the middle of the living room floor with other crazies like yourself. What was that about loving being young?

The test in my social work class that took me a whole 4 minutes and 2 seconds to take online today. And the 44 out of 40 points I got on it. Boomshakala baby. This is how we roll. I'm not as smart as you think. The teach gave all the answers (we didn't know that's what he was doing at the time) in class the day before. Still unheard of at ASU. But hey, I'll take it. That's what's up.

A shoe count that is now up to 91. I have a problem.

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