here's to an awesome weekend.

Work at Tobler. Fridays are the best days to work there. So much more fun for some reason...
Donate some goods to the Salvation Army. And earned some extra credit points. Two birds with one stone baby. That's what's up.
Wicked. Was totally wicked. Loved every minute.
MADD walk. Mothers Against Drunk Driving. For my grandma. Miss her every day.
Work at Linton-MILANO Music. Never a dull moment.
Linton-MILANO Music all-studio recitals. Love the students. Love the teachers. Love the talent.
Dinner with a friend. Venting, laughing, eating.
Sleeping in. And here's how it went down...
C: Kymber....K: (eyes shoot open)
C: Are you going to our ward today?
K: Yes...(thinking why wouldn't I??)
C: Well, it's 10:15 (church starts at 11)
K: (closes eyes) Ask me that first question again.
C: Are you going to our ward today?
K: Nope.
Church and family time with the Rudd's. Love them.

And the next two weekends will be just as awesome. Bring it on baby.

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